How to make money with HICH

Invite friends to HICH and get paid!

Help people by sharing your opinions!

How does it work?


Share referral link with your friends or on social media


When unique user join HICH, you will get credit

Get paid

Get paid automatically via PayPal or other payment methods of your choice including Crypto

HICH referral program explained

What we do?

HICH is a social polling platform. Users pay to ask questions and get paid by answering. We also have fun activities like quizzes, trivia, prediction etc. Users can collect coins and level up by completing those activities.

How it works

HICH referral program is based on 3 principles:

What is promoter status?

Depending on the number of people you invite to HICH, your promoter status will be determined.  The higher the promoter status, the more you will get paid. Your earning will be multiplied by your promoter status.
Check the bonus section on HICH to learn more.
You need to claim promoter status to receive multiplier. So check the app frequently.

What are country tiers?

Based on our business strategy, we prefer to have users from different countries. Therefore, inviting from different countries will have different referral commission per user invited. Learn more

What is a completed account?

In order to make sure that you have invited genuine real users, You will only be paid when a user have completed his/her account.

This process includes some simple steps that can be done in few minutes. 

What is HICH COIN?

Hich coin is the currency we use in our economy. It can be earned by many different activities in the app including, voting, completing tasks, winning free predictions and referring people to HICH.

HICH COIN can be easily cashed out using different methods including PayPal, Bitcoin and etc. 

Are there any benefits for invited users?

Yes.  Referred users will get 1,000 Coins, HICH currency used to create polls, take quizzes and access premium features.

Does invitee need to make purchase or spend money?

No. HICH is an absolutely free platform which provides users with lots of fun and social activities. 

How to start?

Install HICH on iOS or Android and generate a referral link. in Share and referrals section. You can simply share any post, quiz etc. When users joins HICH from the link you shared, you will get coins.

Examples of referral links

Create engaging referral links by sharing any HICH feaure.

Join now and earn up to £0.20* per invited user

There are no extra costs or fees. Everyone can join the progam and start earning.